Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today my 2 year old son had a friend over to play. Whenever his friend picked up a toy, my son, with his arms already full of toys, would chase him around saying, "mine. mine. mine." I kept saying to my son, "Let's share. You have so many toys and all your friend wants to do is play with just one. Please share."

As this scene played out over and over, I couldn't help but think that the same is true in my life. How many times do I have so very many "toys" and yet I say "mine. mine. mine." whenever someone else may want or need them. Sharing as a life-style is something Jesus addresses time and time again. In Matthew 6, Jesus tells us to not store up treasures and as soon as we think to disagree with him because we really think we must store up for the future, he immediately tells us not to worry because he loves us too much to not take care of our every need.

If I ask my children to share their prized possessions (right now their toys), shouldn't I be willing to do the same? Shouldn't I be willing to share what is in my pantry, at least one of the coats that hang in my closet, some of those books that are collecting dust? How about sharing my home, sharing my time and energy, sharing the money that I've so carefully stored up over the years? 

"Don't keep storing your stuff in the hopes that you may use it or need it someday. If you need something, I'll take care of you because I love you and see each of your needs."
(Jesus seems to say this in Matthew 6:19-34

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