Thursday, September 4, 2008


In Matthew 4, Jesus calls his disciples to come along with him and then begins to heal people. Crowds start to gather and follow him around - wanting to see something out of the ordinary, trying to figure out who he is or maybe hoping that he can help them or their loved ones.

As these crowds get bigger and bigger, we move to chapter 5 where Jesus goes to a mountainside and talks to his disciples. This discussion is often called "The Sermon on the Mount," however, was it really a sermon for the masses or was Jesus having a conversation with his friends, the disciples? Perhaps he is preparing them - a foreshadow of sorts - for how His Kingdom really works (those who have nothing get everything) . . . 

The kingdom of heaven is for those who are poor in spirit
Comfort will be given to those who mourn
Inheritance of the earth is for the meek
Being filled up/satisfied is for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
Mercy is given to those who are merciful
Seeing God is for those who are pure in heart
The sons and daughters of God are those who bring about peace
The kingdom of heaven is for those who are persecuted because they are righteous

*Note: Obviously, I'm not a Bible scholar, but I sure love Jesus. My prayer is that Jesus will give us eyes to see His words in the way He intended.

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Grace Chapel Youth Ministry said...

but what is the everything that they get, maybe it is not about getting but about being, and those with everything just need to hear Jesus say that having is not being blessed. It is interesting to that this conversation is out in the open where those outside his group of disciples are still invited into the conversation.