Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Close to one half of all people in developing countries are currently suffering from health problems caused by unsafe water.
4,900 children die each day from health problems due to unsafe water. That is 1,788,500 children dying each year from something we can prevent.
Yes, WE, you and me can prevent these deaths.

Each post over the next couple of weeks will be devoted to facts on water in the world and how you and I can help prevent some of the horrible affects of unsafe/unclean water.


As I have contemplated how we can give more money to causes we believe in while understanding that our family is limited in finances, I decided we needed to get creative so that we can do more. In light of the website I know that I have a huge responsibility to the 95% of the world that has less access to finances than I do.

Providing clean water is a necessity and the suffering of the world and hardship to obtain clean water is staggering. I decided that as a family, we can in a small way use less water and donate our savings to a place that provides clean water in a sustainable way to parts of the world that have little access.

When I was in college, I visited someone's home who had some septic issues. Above their toilet was a hand-written sign that said, "if it's yellow, leave it mellow. if it's brown, flush it down." I must say that back then I thought it was kind of gross, but now after having two kids and changing diapers, I'm not too grossed out by what's in the toilet! So, we are adopting that motto with our flushes.

We are also learning about ways to re-used water. I have a shoebox sized plastic container in my kitchen sink. I collect the water I use in this container and then re-use it to:
  • rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
  • pour down the sink when the disposal is running
  • pour it in the toilet to flush in the bathroom that is right next to the kitchen
I also collect water from baths and showers in a larger plastic storage container and then re-use the water to flush the toilet.

My goals are two-fold: to remember that water doesn't come easy to most of the world and to curb my excess for their benefit (by donating my water bill savings).

I'll expand on many of these thoughts over the next couple of weeks but for now I've written enough . . . please comment if you have thoughts and suggestion and consider joining me in this!

By the way, the stats used are from: and that is where I have chosen to donate money.

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Indy said...

it's weird how often i feel like we have no money and no time, but what do we spend it all on. God has something bigger for us, and it feels me with hope and fear.